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Our History Shaoxing Shangyu Oulete Co., Ltd is one specialized in the Cosmetic Packaging Containers of design, production and sales. Our company mainly foucs on producing cosmetic package. Our main products are plastic cream jars, lotion bottles, airless pump bottles, spray bottles, dropper bottles, Lip matter tubes, eyeliners and etc. Our […] Visualizzare
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    Our Mission
    Oday, a professional oral care brand under Shenzhen Libai Technology Co., Ltd, focusing on the development of high quality personal care products.
    The brand name is composed of 鈥極鈥?and 鈥榙ay鈥? symbolizing the perfect meeting of quality and life. O express Oday’s brand attitude of pursuing perfection and all day care. Every person who lives with heart is Oday’s life maker. Oday is committed to presenting the perfect aesthetic life experience in the field of daily care. 鈥極鈥?is the same as 鈥榓ll鈥?to express the product characteristics and brand concept of Oday providing you with all-weather oral care. Day expresses that Oday pays attention to life itself and focuses on your daily life care, so that the living family can treat each morning attentively and take care of everyone around you, which is worth cherishing.
    With creation as the core and simplicity as the basic principle, we strive to discover a better life. In the noisy and flashy business society, the new generation of elite consumers is more like a kind of “life home”. I understand the essence of life better, and cherish personal health and time more. To this end, we make unremitting efforts for the goal of “a better life”.
    We despise all dishonest things and oppose pseudo-intelligence design. Make truly valuable innovations and truly useful designs. Get rid of the flashy body, discover the essence of life. This is Oday.
    Our History
    Founded in September 2018, it has gathered a group of senior designers, product development experts and brand marketing experts. We focus on innovative design, through continuous research and analysis of people’s daily life habits, committed to improving people’s quality of life with technology. To be more concise and professional, easier to use , more intelligent, we direct our energy to promote new products to meet people’s continuous pursuit of quality life. At present, Oday owns the brand, from product industrial design and industrial resource allocation, to product scale production and business model innovation, and is committed to the full cycle operation of personal care products of all ages, such as sonic electric toothbrush and personal daily care peripheral products. At the same time, we provide one-stop service for the design and manufacture of hardware for the company.
    Over the years, we have been deeply engaged in the field of oral care products, with profound resources of the whole industry chain, and are committed to creating a new generation of reliable oral care products and services for consumers. We have a first-class design team in China, which not only won awards in the field of industrial design, such as the red dot design award, but also have deep experience in the human design of oral care products. Our partners include German Pedex, American DuPont, Japan Cashew and other industry benchmark brands. We will use the advantages of industrial resources to create a new generation of practical, efficient and beautiful oral care products to improve the oral care experience of dear customers. The products have been certified by FDA, FCC and RoHS.Wholesale Electric Toothbrush With Timer

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